[SLED] Kid with Asperger

Carina Girvan girvanc at tcd.ie
Sat Sep 13 05:58:45 PDT 2008

Hi, have you checked out Whyville or Quest Atlantis?  The are more game
focused, in that they have goals, but these have an educational focus and
often the education is socialisation.  They are also designed for age 9 and


Sleepy Littlething

2008/9/13 Annette Pohlke <annette at pohlke.de>

> I know the health education mailing list would be more suitable to ask
> this, and I know it is kind of out of topic, but this is the best place I
> know to ask for help.
> A friend of mine has a son who is 9 has Asperger Syndrom. She was deeply
> impressed when I told her about what Second Life and computer mediated
> communication can sometimes do for people with forms of Autism. Now her son
> is only 9 years old, so he is to young for Second Life. I was wondering, if
> someone on this list could point me to good webpages, virtual worlds or
> communities that would be suitable for kids.
> Annette
> Max Bergson in SL
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