[SLED] Re: Landmarks for some good Marine science sims, classes, or exhibits in SL?

jsclarkfl jsclarkfl at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 22:57:40 PDT 2008

Next to Meteora is the Okeanos sim, devoted specifically to ocean  
issues.  I agree with Pauline/Liz that the Abyss Museum is great,  
too.  A few more of interest:

-The harbor at the Hobo Infohub on Calleta is full of pollution -  
very interesting.
- There is an oil platform on the ANWR sim.
- Weather Channel's island has some marine science items
- Changmi sim has the Reef Ball store
- Center for Water Studies on Better World island has marine life  
- Splash Aquatics' main store has a nice huge aquarium

There are many more instances of marine life in SL of course,  
juxtaposed against what Cephalopodcaster called the usual "stark  
abyssal plains" of SL and the fantasy mermaid builds.  I'm happy to  
pass along notable LMs in-world - look up JS Saltwater.  My  
dissertation will most likely be about how people reproduce cultural  
notions of "nature" (including marine environments) in SL.

Also on FSU's iSpace sim, about to open to the public, there is a  
little saltmarsh mockup.  I was hugely influenced by Kitsune  
Kyomoon's incredible Undiscovered Florida build, and have been  
stealing her ideas left and right.  And she knows it. :)

There is also a group in SL called Marine Biologists (IIRC) that  
might be of help.

Good hunting!

Joe Clark / JS Saltwater
PhD student, environmental communication
Florida State University

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