[SLED] pricing changes - the root cause found?

Neil Canham neil at knowsense.co.uk
Fri Oct 31 07:15:23 PDT 2008

Thanks for that Ian - that JIRA makes fascinating reading.  Let's hope they
see sense and sort the texture loading issues and maybe then relent on the
OpenSpace sims?


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I have been following reports of  texture loading problems in SL,
through  the JIRA  VWR-8503.   There are some really dedicated users
out there and Balpien Hammerer together with Dan Linden and others
have nailed things down in the last 48 hours.  It appears there is not
one, but 3 bugs in the viewer that converge here.

We should care because these bugs directly affected the decision
making going into Jack Lindens recent announcement regarding Price
hikes on Open Space Sims. . . . I will let one of the posters on the
JIRA explain, as it is done in better words than I could:

"Iexo Bethune edited comment on VWR-8503 at 10/31/08 2:28 AM:

Wow, seems we've wandered really far down the rabbit hole on this one,
considering it just started with "slow textures".

So, in summary, we've got a texture loading bottleneck, misdetection
of video card memory, and rapid flushing of the cache requiring
textures to be redownloaded from the asset server, which causes
avatars to hit the asset server much more than they should, slowing
down the asset server and causing even more requests, descending into
a loop that causes a DDOS attack on the asset servers, causing massive
instability, and rendering all tests of sim load on all regions
unreliable (and removing justification for price hikes on Openspaces,
since the load on the OS sims is due to an internal error, and not

What we have here is a pile of bugs that have come together, in a
chain reaction, to ultimately cause massive problems and actually
effect the pricing policy decisions of LL.

Wow.  Excellent detective work, guys. Combined, this tree of bugs is
probably the biggest issue in SL, and it looks like the ball's
rolling. Thanks bunches to all of you.    :3""

Anyone else with friends whose OS sims are threatened find this

Edward Griffith
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