[SLED] Capturing ideas in SL

Antonella Berriolo ABERRIOLO at terra.es
Wed Oct 29 19:13:19 PDT 2008

isin't it Angrybeth shortbread's whiteboard (well, the actual name is not "whiteboard")? Because if it is, yes, it's very nice. 
In any case I will go and check, thanks
anna begonia

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  yes, there is a whiteboard you can get at the ICT library that allows multiple users. I can't remember the vendor, but her items are next to Eloise's items on the second floor (something like 5 Lindens for 6 items I think. a steal). Incidentally, Eloise's Spidergram is also really REALLY cool (as in super practical).

  and Decka Mah: I really want to hear more about your Google-doc-sharing-on-a-prim system.


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