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Antonella Berriolo ABERRIOLO at terra.es
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no, that i know, but there is a language interchange site, may be you find someone there (well, it's only days old, give it a bit of time and help us spreading the news ;o))

see you!
anna begonia
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  I'd like to learn Dutch. Any classes for that?

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    I know of a professor of German who sends his classes into German-speaking areas of SL to have conversations with people they meet, and requires them to submit the log of the conversation for correction of their grammar and vocabulary. J





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    Hello, all,

    Up until now I've only been a lurker gleaning tidbits of great information off this board, but now have a question that I'd love some input from you all.

    A dean at our school has asked us to find her examples and ideas for online language courses and lab classes. Does anyone out there know of any great examples of foreign language or lab classes in Second Life? Or does anyone have any great ideas about these types of classes. Up to now, we have not ventured into SL but this might be a great opportunity to show others at our school the great potential that it holds for applications like these.


    Thank you,

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