[SLED] Running SL on Playstation 3

Wietse van Bruggen W.vanBruggen at kennisnet.nl
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I have never heard about anyone attempting this, but I can tell you one
thing that might be of importance to you. Even though you can run linux
on a ps3, as far as I know it's not possible to effectively use all of
the processing and graphical power because of hardware restrictions set
by Sony. So running a graphically intense program like SL could prove to
be very hard since there is no software rendering support.

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Onderwerp: [SLED] Running SL on Playstation 3

Hi everyone!

I've recently been researching the feasibility of installing Second
Life on the Playstation 3 games console via the Linux version of the
viewer and a USB storage stick, as the PS3's XMB menu system
officially allows other operating systems such as Linux to be
installed on its hard disk.  Although I have yet to find an example of
a person running SL on PS3, there is plenty of documented evidence for
successful use of Linux on the machine and so one would think that it
would be logical to guess that the Linux version of the SL viewer
would also run.

Here's a link to an in-depth guide I found about the Linux
installation process for the Fedora 8 operating system in particular:


You can install pretty much any flavor of Linux though and can find
many guides simply by googling for 'installing linux on playstation

Just to show it can be done, here's a link to a YouTube demonstration
video of somebody who has already successfully installed Linux on
their PS3:


It'd be really interesting to hear from someone who manages to get
Second Life running on their PS3!

Fleet Goldenberg
EduIslands Community Manager
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