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Scott Johnston johnston.scott at bigpond.com
Thu Oct 16 16:49:34 PDT 2008

So are you imagining that the students do or don't get through the  
gates (which I guess could be literally gates in a walk through)  
unless they have the right number of partners?
On 17/10/2008, at 10:00 AM, Craig Maynard wrote:

> Another advantage is asynchronous delivery...  students moving at  
> their own speed and creating their own journey
> Well, one thing I would like to try with the students is a walk  
> through a "logic park" which moves them asynchronously through  
> boolean theory as they walk along a pathway, trying out the gates  
> and circuits.  I would probably have a post-visit quiz to verify  
> that some of this information actually stuck!  Sort of like a logic  
> garden :)
> Greg... what's your av's name?  Digital Link?
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> After you've tried this out on students Craig it would be  
> interesting to hear your thoughts on how teaching logic gates in SL  
> compares to a traditional 2d simulator. I'm guessing the main  
> differences SL adds are: 3d, collaborative (multi-user), and online  
> (public). Which of these features will prove to be the most  
> significant?  -Greg
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> <<gates.jpg>> Shortly after I got on this exciting list, I mentioned
> how much I would like to create digital logic gates in 3d models  
> inside
> SL and demonstrate the functioning and applications of these parts by
> physically manipulating them!
> Thanks to the amazing efforts of one of you ( Digital Link ) I've  
> had my
> wish fulfilled!  Here's a picture of my AV, (Klaatu Maynard) admiring
> his working combinational logic circuit!
> Thanks so much, "Digital"... Whoever you are!
> Craig M
> SAIT Polytechnic
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