[SLED] Script needed - help please!

Pauline Randall pauline.randall at virtual-e.co.uk
Tue Oct 14 04:00:23 PDT 2008

Thanks El


Suggestion one worked a treat - I've shrunk the top prim and made it nearly
transparent so it shouldn't cause any problems! The main cover prim now
disappears out of sight when it is touched revealing the treasure below. Now
all we have to do is see if the various clues are enough for them to find


Thanks for saving my sanity!




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You're right, SL won't normally push a prim underground, however it is the
centre of the root prim. You could try putting a floating, tiny prim say 6m
up from the trapdoor prim and then sliding that completely horizontally -
this should work.


If your cover prim is only one prim you could also use llSetPrimitveParams
to hollow the cover rather than moving it so they see through the space to
the treasure.


I think you could do the first on your own from what you've said. I don't
have a script for the second to hand, but I could write one for you in a few
minutes if you prefer that option.




On 13 Oct 2008, at 22:18, Pauline Randall wrote:

I hope someone can help me before I go completely nuts!


I'm creating an interactive activity which finishes up by the student
discovering the buried treasure. The treasure is in a box with a lid that
opens when you touch it. The box is currently sitting in a depression in the
ground which I want to cover up. I want to have a prim (ground textured to
cover the hole) move out of the way when it is touched so that the box is
revealed. I've tried putting a slide script in which certainly moves the
prim sideways but also upwards so that it finishes higher than it starts - I
think this is because SL doesn't like pushing it underground?


I'm not a scripter, just a tinkerer so I guess I'm struggling where
scripters would be swimming along nicely!


If anyone either has a script that might work that they might like to share
or any suggestions as to how I can do this I would be eternally grateful and
forever in your debt J


Thanks in anticipation





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