[SLED] HUGE curriculum wiki launches

Jeremy Kemp jeremykemp at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 13 13:19:22 PDT 2008

Hey there,

The 438-page GKCx Second Life skills curriculum is now wiki-fied. We pulled apart the Word files and put them up on the Simteach wiki:

The collection is easily searched, linked to and may be extended by you and your students.

Example concepts for teachers:
o) How do I keep griefers from ruining a VIP presentation?

o) How do I take snapshots of the interface for a class tutorial?

o) What do I keep students building within prim limits on the land I gave them?

o) How can student builders show me proof of the purchases they've made in Second Life for reimbursement?

o) How can I give a tour to my class and use voice to instant message to group?


Because this is a user-generated content, I hope that experts like Eloise Pasteur would fill in the scripting how-tos, add depth and continue refining the format. Also, the images have not been added yet and need your help!

This project extends on the Word files written by Global Kids and is Creative Commons (By/NC/SA) so you are free to turn it into anything useful (while giving credit, keeping it non-commercial and sharing alike).

o) GKid's RezEd social portal: http://www.rezed.org/group/GKslcurriculum
o) Project overview: http://simteach.com/gkcx/
o) A pretty Flash version: http://issuu.com/jeremykemp/docs/gkids_sl_curriculum5jk
o) A coverflow video of the images: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpRGa0HsESg
o) Web directory of the images: http://simteach.com/gkcx/images/

Also, I hope someone would be willing to mirror this wiki - in which case I can help with the wiki text transfer. FYI: This is a foundational activity for my EdD dissertation.

--Jeremy Kemp
San Jose State University
School of Library and Information Science
(408) 393-5270

--Stephen Kemp

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