[SLED] Assistance Developing Counter Response

Martin, Jocelyn martinj at apsu.edu
Mon Oct 13 11:18:42 PDT 2008

Students not tech savvy enough? There are over 100 million of them happily using Habbo Hotel and similar environments; mosy youngsters in the western world know a lot more about using technology than their parents and are totally comfortable with new technology, almost instantly.

Not at the university where I teach. We cater to nontraditional students and to working class students who have little free time for computer games. I've yet to ask a class if anyone's heard of Second Life, and have a student raise his or her hand. A few know/play other systems, but most of them stare blankly when I talk about using computer environments for learning. They don't have the experience to be able to imagine how a computer 'game' could teach them real-life skills.

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