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If you have access to Wimba, it might be a better plan B.

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I am planning to defend my dissertation proposal in SL in a few weeks.
I would like to run by you my check list of essentials.
I appreciate any feedbacks, ideas or comments especially from those of you who have organized hybrid conferences in SL

-mixed reality event:
1-me in SL,
2-committee in RL

-RL set-up for my committee:
1-reserved room on campus,
2-presentation screen and projector,
3-internet (not wireless),
4-external speaker for computer,
5-phone conferencing system (I'll mute my phone to hear the committee talk to me. I answer back to them via SL (and my headset has a mute button to avoid feeds from the phone)
6-email handouts 3 days before to all
?: (bring handouts -just in case- but i'll have to outsource this to a local friend)
?: (beg a friend to drop the danish pastries and coffee for me on the conference table?)

-SL set-up for me:
1-location: my land,
2-presentation tool: I have a few that I'll try for this, although I am leaning toward the NHC media center -so that I can have one for my slideshow, and one for demoing one of my machinima treatments.
3-presentation gestures: overrider and shortcut keys (dry run a week before defense)
3-camera av: my chair
4-recording av: outsource (I want a recording of the session so that I do not have to worry about missing a committee comment or suggestion)
?: what else

Plan B:
well....we still have the phone conferencing system set up, and I'll send my ppt slides to my chair.
(+ crossing fingers and doing everything right for good karma)

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