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My apologies for not thinking globally and thus I think my main point might be being missed.  Linden Labs is able to support multiple viewers on the main and teen grids and has been doing this for at least the 2 years I've been using SL.  So they could offer an educational client that would not need updating until the end of whatever period a particular educational institution had, be that quarters, semesters or whatever.  At the recent SLEDcc event there was a letter to Linden Lab asking them for requests, I did not see viewer updates anywhere on that list (maybe I didn't read it carefully enough) so maybe LL is not aware of the problems this creates (I don't actually believe that but maybe its true).  As far as incentives, as was already pointed out, LL mentioned the educational sector in almost every talk they give now when discussing future plans and economically viable use cases.   I hope that clarifies some things,

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"How difficult would it be to have an Educational viewer that wasn't updated
until the end of semester?"

At the risk of getting "flamed/bombed" ... but (for me) this last comment is
an indicator of not thinking past the walls of a physical learning

I ask "whose semester?"  ... just the 'North American'? .... we are supposed
to be in a global society and not everyone follows a USA semester ....
especially if not even in the same hemisphere .. or State?

Please think past your own (organisation/country) borders ... there is a
much bigger world out there which is not necessarily USA-centric.

.. and don't get me started on the comment being focussed on tertiary
education semesters ... what about k-12 needs?  .......... and
community/adult establishments that may work 365.

I was surprised at the forced upgrade this time (must have been a worrying
security issue) .... but keep in mind that LL policy seems to be to allow
you to upgrade when convenient to you .... this was an exception for the
last year at least.

L.Labs .... keep up the good work .... it's easy to forget the improvements
over the past 12 months ... they are appreciated.

I also think an earlier SLED post stated something like .... 
"When you are at the sharp leading edge you sometimes get cut and bleed"

.. and that is where we are guys and gals .... digital pioneers

</reality check>

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