[SLED] What a mess! A Forced download from SL

Martin, Jocelyn martinj at apsu.edu
Thu Oct 9 12:57:29 PDT 2008

I have no such controls in Preferences/Graphics tab. How can I find them?


"If you think avatars look like 16-bit Nintendo characters, that's because
Avatar Impostors, which boosts performance by rendering distant avatars like
sprites, is on. You can either:
Go to Preferences > Graphics tab and uncheck "Avatar Impostors".
OR if you want to keep it on but increase the distance at which impostors
takes effect, minimizing the blockyness, then:
In Preferences > Graphics tab, move the "Avatars Mesh Detail" slider towards
the right to "High".
You can easily find a crowd, zoom your camera, and adjust this to taste."

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