[SLED] A larger problem with forced client updates

Trevena, Stan Trevena.S at monet.k12.ca.us
Thu Oct 9 11:53:53 PDT 2008

DirectX compatibility would vastly improve the compatibility on PC's.  


Stan Trevena

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Modesto City Schools

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Another thing is that the viewer does not work well with some video
cards.  I can not  use SL on my  pc because of the video card I have but
it works on my older laptop that I got just for school work.  Although
it is shaky and horrible graphics but it does run. 

On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 12:13 PM, Linda Rogers <lindarog at gmail.com>

I don't think that age of equipment is a reliable guide.  I have a one
year old system in my office that was purchased with basic office use in
mind, but definitely a decent machine from Dell... it lags terribly with
SL and I get the warning message about graphics card and RAM being below


Meanwhile at home I have a three year old computer that I purchased at
the time --a custom job-- to be able to multi-task in many graphics
applications as I do web design.  I got a lot of RAM and a great
graphics card and it still exceeds SL specs.

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