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Thanks for that Mechthild - I did know that that one.


And I am so with you on the comment about grouping - I can remember
gathering a group of purchased plants and some other stuff, grouping it to
move and then ungrouping it later to be horrified that everything had fallen
to bits! I assumed that grouping would be hierarchical like it is in other
software packages!


One day our wishes will come true ;-)




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on scaling:

not sure if you know or if this helps:

in the edit object menu: uncheck "stretch both sides" so you scale the side
you pick only.


Does not solve some of your other problems.


To add my own 'whine': I would like hierarchical grouping. I wasted so much
time when I need to ungroup a section + the WHOLE built falls apart. (I know
I can take single obj out of a group but that can be tedious also)


(Thanks for the primdocker!!! info)



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I think you're looking for Prim Docker. My student builders swear by it:

--Jeremy Kemp (SJSU SLIS)

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I'm glad I'm not the only sufferer!


Snap to grid works fine for most things and I tend to position builds at
nice round number positions when I can however the problem is worse when say
I want to create a wall above a floor. I use shift copy, set rule to Local
and quickly create a copy of the floor prim, neatly aligned. What I want to
do next is to reduce the depth of this prim to say, .5m, so that it becomes
wall rather than floor. Ideally I would just change the X or Y size value to
.5m but if I do that the prim is resized from both sides and is now sitting
in the middle of the floor prim.


Next option is to drag and resize it but that is difficult to get to exactly
.5m - OK, so I'm being pernickety but you should be able to set the size and
then select the prims you want and have a command that allows you to align
them along a particular edge.


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