[SLED] AGAIN This Year?? Frustrated with LL!

Marc R. Stephens marque at umich.edu
Tue Oct 7 10:06:46 PDT 2008

Hi SLED Folks,

So this is the third year in which I am teaching a second-year medical 
student elective based within SL. This is the third year in a row that 
we are getting errors whenever anyone tries to create a new avatar 
through computers on campus. The last two years I wrote to/called LL and 
did not hear back until it was WAY too late to be of any use for my 
elective (which is next week for this year) or got lame excuses about 
institutional registration restrictions. Each time I've been told by LL 
(I even spoke directly to Claudia Linden last year) has corrected the 
problem and each year it continues to persist.

  Registration Unavailable

Linden Lab limits the number of accounts any household or individual may 
You appear to have exceeded this limit.

So again this year, the same stupid error!!!! I am using a fresh email 
address (no avatars use this email yet) on a computer where I've not 
tried to create avatars 3 times (denied each time) in the past.
This is extremely frustrating and really makes me wonder how much LL is 
(not) committed to supporting educational efforts in SL.

I'm not expecting a satisfactory resolution from this list, as I've 
complained here in SLED each time to absolutely no avail.I just need to 

So again this year I must have my participating medical students create 
their avatars at home or outside of the medical campus (I'm not even 
sure if registration works anywhere at all on University of Michigan 
campus) which is LAME.

If anyone in power to fix this (HA) wants to contact me back please 
write to me at marque at umich.edu. I get the digest version of SLED and 
may miss any replies.

A Frustrated Educator,

Marc Stephens
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