[SLED] Increased insurance for colleges active in SL

jeremy hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Tue Oct 7 06:32:52 PDT 2008

You should ask your risk management expert to contact, directly, other  
risk management people at colleges in virginia and you should ask to  
be cc'd on those exchanges.  you should request that the matter be  
treated with extreme skepticism until other colleges in virginia state  
it is a problem.   It sounds to me as if someone is a bit off base,  
you should be treating sl much like you treat using the internet in  

one reason why insurance can be 'expensive' is because it has to be a  
custom policy, which means... policies for this don't exist because it  
isn't a 'risk' that has been detailed sufficiently in order for it to  
not be costly.  mostly because the risk isn't 'there' as much as it is  
in the minds of people who don't seem to be scared of muggers on  
campus, but ehh.

if s/he is really concerned about indemnification after talking with  
many, then i think your best chance is to go through nmc and rely on  
their insurance.  I believe they have this all arranged with other  
universities and colleges.  personally, i think that part of the  
reason that... people think they need such things is because nmc is  
offering such things, thus the slippery slope has begun.
On Oct 7, 2008, at 8:45 AM, Miller, Cheryl A wrote:

> The Virtual Campus at AACC has recently purchased an Island in SL.  
> We have solicited our Gaming Association and they have agreed to  
> help us build our island. I have a group of interested faculty and  
> staff. This is a very exciting time for us. However, I was visited  
> by our "Risk Management Specialist" recently who expressed concern  
> (he had been to a conference) about the Real-World Risks for the  
> college.I have been doing some gathering of information, thanks to  
> this list serve, as to what other colleges are doing to protect  
> themselves. I forwarded some of the information to the Risk  
> Management Specialist and he replied with the below:
> I have looked at the two URL's as you requested and I have added  
> this information to my file.  I have also researched the liability &  
> Property risks mentioned at the conference session on Second Life.   
> Unfortunately, our current program does not cover the risks.  I've  
> brought this to my boss' attention since we would have to go out to  
> the Insurance market for the proper coverage.  The early indication  
> is a high price.  I'll keep you advised of any developments.
> The added "expensive" insurance is news to me and I am waiting to  
> hear more, however I would like to know if any other college's are  
> familiar and have had to up their coverage to protect against Real- 
> World Risks?
> Thanks,
> Cheryl (Blondie Brandes)
> Cheryl Miller
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