[SLED] HELP: Problems / Solutions with SL under Vista?

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I have Vista and SL runs like a champ. Now the new SL client may be a different story.

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Hi, folks,

At our campus, we have a number of public computing labs that are
available for use of SL for study or teaching. Recently, four
computing labs under independent management have all reported problems
running SL under Vista. None of them knew the other labs were having
trouble, and each came to me independently. They have different
hardware configurations and models. The error message says it is
related to a video card driver? I will try to get the exact error
message from them.

Meanwhile, I know a number of people who have Vista on computers at
home who are running SL without difficulty. So it is not necessarily
Vista's fault.

Has anyone else encountered this? If so, has anyone else had a solution?

I am trying to isolate if it might be an interaction with something
else in our basic campus loadset.


 - Patricia

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