[SLED] wireless requirements for second life?

Fox, Stacey renard at ku.edu
Thu Oct 2 07:24:29 PDT 2008

Hello Everyone!
SL works fine on my wireless network at home as well as the wireless network around campus.
I'm running a macbook pro and a quad core tower.
No special settings and I have both computers set to Ultra graphics and it loads quickly :)

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Like others who have replied, Second Life, particularly the latest clients,
work very well in a wireless environment when there is a strong signal, good
access, little competition from other wireless access points and properly
configured security.

It¹s not necessarily a Second Life issue as we see similar issues with
students using wireless to access our central-supported LMS with faculty
posting large PowerPoint files.  Regardless of the application, things will
start to degrade when there is a poor signal, too many users connecting
through the same access point, conflicting access points, interference from
other electronic/electrical sources along and network security practices.

As with our central LMS, if students have problems on wireless, we recommend
a wired connection.



On 01/10/08 2:40 PM, "Robin Ashford" <robinmashford at gmail.com> wrote:

> I run SL solely on wireless at both my university office and at home. I have
> never had any problems and have not done anything special. I also run SL on
> wireless from airports and coffee shops, always seems to work well for me and
> I've been especially shocked at how well it's worked in various airports.
> Hope this helps,  -Robin Ashford / SL Robin Mochi
> On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 12:42 PM, Juan Melendez <jjmelendez at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> Has anyone had to overcome wireless access problems at their university or
>> school?
>> We have complained at our university that SL is not accessible through the
>> wireless network.
>> I found out that the following ports are necessary:
>> 443/TCP, 12043/TCP, 12035/UDP, 12036/UDP, and 13000-13050/UDP
>> However I am constantly given a footnote: "SL has inherent problems with some
>> on wireless networks".
>> Is it really as complicated and unsolvable as it sounds?
>> I read for example, that the use of some networking standards, such as
>> delivering packets out of order; can cause Second Life to run incorrectly. If
>> you disconnect frequently from Second Life while using wireless networking,
>> the wireless products may be the cause.
>> Also: 
>> 1. Current wireless networking solutions are highly prone to interference.
>> (For example, many use the same radio frequency as microwave ovens.)
>> 2. Many wireless products also use advanced data compression features (such
>> as "speed boost") that can cause problems with Second Life. Any features that
>> claim to increase download speed should be disabled.
>> 3. If you must use wireless networking, it is recommended that you use
>> products using the 802.11g standard. If any of your equipment uses the slower
>> 802.11b standard, you may experience more problems.
>> What is your experience?
>> Juan (aka Titom Melnik)
>> University of Puerto Rico
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