[SLED] How much to run a conference in SL?

Nicholas Chase nchase at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 24 09:02:12 PST 2008

Giulio Prisco wrote:
> Hi Jordi,
> On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 5:17 PM, Jordi Comas <jcomas at bucknell.edu> wrote:
>> 1)      What is minimal parcel needed to do this?
> A live webcast can be streamed to any parcel, so this depends more on
> on the number of attendees and the desired look and feel. Note that
> another important factor is the occupancy of the region, if OTHER
> parcels in the same region are full you will not be able to
> accommodate many viewers in your parcel.

You can also integrate the inworld chat with your website so people can 
participate from there.  Not trying to spam, so please email offlist for 

----  Nick

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