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Katherine Levine klevine at cloud9.net
Sat Nov 15 12:40:29 PST 2008

I see why and I do think people who use offensive words on a public list
should be removed.  In my mind this constitutes abuse and maybe LL would
agree and remove the avatar or person.  Hope whoever, he or she, is plans to
run for public office are not in future plans.  I spent a number of years in
treatment learning to be comfortable with obscene words-my mother was
physically abusive when I asked the meaning of the word in question.  I no
longer have a triggered response to such words and use them occasionally
when a bit of shock value might be useful.  So it isn't the word so much as
the lack of self respect and other respect.  Sigh,  We the people are an
interesting bunch aren't we.  


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Is it possible for someone to be removed from the list without having to
hope they'll unsub?

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I currently being fucked. I enjoys it a lot. Please try again later. 
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