[SLED] Changing clothes in SL

Burkett, William William.Burkett at Capella.edu
Mon Mar 31 04:55:26 PDT 2008

A simple way to handle changing clothes and such is to use the Appearance and make a complete body/clothes folder.  Go to where you feel comfortable - experiment till you find the exact setup you want - then use Appearance and make an outfit.  Be sure to put a unique name in the folder name box, and check all boxes.  When you save it should save everything including your skin, eyes, attachments, all clothes, etc into a uniquely named folder such as Classic Tux II.  Then when you want to change - open your inventory  - pull the entire folder over to your avatar and it will change everything from head to toe.  Can not be simpler.
IM me if you get lost doing it and I will walk you thru the process.  I have over two dozen complete outfits saved this way.  Makes life a lot simpler.
Hecter Barbosa
(Bill Burkett in RL)
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