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Very cool attitude and approach, it would be fun to see where your
adventures lead you.  The nice thing about being homeless in sl is you don't
have to worry about where your next meal or drink is coming from, you don't
have to find a place to store your "stuff",  and you don't have to worry
about where you are going to sleep or relieve yourself  A whole lot of
Mazlow's hierarchy already handled.

Jim Daugherty.


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There's nothing wrong with being homeless in SL. I am homeless. I have two
free houses and no land to place them. I do not have any SL skills (yet) to
make money. The only money I have I earned on Money Tree Island. And I have
yet to see an av sitting/lying around with its user logged off. (What would
that look like anyway?)


I have found quite a few out of the way nooks and crannies to use to change
clothes. Usually, I just right-click the item in my inventory that I wish to
wear and choose "Wear". The new item replace the old, without any nudity. If
I fear that it may be an inappropriate item, I put on a jacket first.


I don't mind being homeless. It frees me from all the worries of ownership,
group tiers, and security issues (no griefers blowing up my hard work).
Perhaps one day I will want to settle down and grow roots. But right now,
there's too much to learn and explore! :-)

Re(Gina) Ward

SL: Reine Aeon
A person in shackles came to me and said "I want to be FREE"; so I began to

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