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Ann Crewdson ann.crewdson at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 17:22:13 PDT 2008

Hi Kae,

Your Sociology Instructor's assignment has piqued my interest.  What is the
purpose of visiting the SL slums? Is it to determine if there are transient
avatars living there?  I wonder if there are "homeless" avatars in the sense
that we know them in SL, not just avatars who don't own land but who are
truly "homeless"--and what would they be like in the future? They could
feasibly be using library computers to travel from sim to sim in the virtual
world.  Would the transient avatars be teleported from sim to sim until
someone wants them? Would they cost virtual societies millions of
dollars for their therapy and involuntary hospitalizations...

The psych major in me says that hobos IRL would probably not be living in
slumvilles but would rather inhabit sims opposite to their circumstance.  If
that were true, then you'd probably find more rich folks in slumville
sims who have always wondered what poverty would be like.

Of course I might be full of b.s. It's fun to think out loud...


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