[SLED] Re: Slums in SL

Joe Clark jclark at supernet.net
Tue Mar 25 19:43:29 PDT 2008

I'm partial to the "Hobo Infohub" in Calleta, despite the non-PC  
label.  It's more industrial wasteland than slum, but provides a lot  
of opportunity for resistive readings of industrialism.  Toxic  
plumes, landfills, etc.  The group responsible also makes some cool  
whimsical freebies, like the bicycle blimp.  It's located along the  
Great SL Railroad, a trans-sim project with its own potentials for  
sociological instruction.

Overall there are relatively few (intentionally) dystopian builds in  
SL, in my experience.  I'd like to see more environmental realism for  
its educational potential.  The enigmatic ANWR offshore oil platform  
would be a great place to hold talks, for example.


Joseph Clark (SL: JS Saltwater)
Academic Course Developer
Center for Teaching and Learning
The Florida State University

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