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Tue Mar 25 16:20:41 PDT 2008

* Global Agenda Live Simulcast on University of Delaware Island, Mar. 26
* Lecture on Autopsy, Mar. 26 (SL)
* Ideas and reflections from the UK's information literacy conference
(LILAC), Mar. 27 (SL)
* Second Life for Dummies Event, Mar. 27 (SL)
* Victor Pineiro, Writer/Producer of the film 'Second Skin' - Guest Speaker
at BGSU, Mar. 28 (SL)
* Inauguration of the St. Catherine Monastery, Mar. 29 (SL)
*Education at Edunation - ELT author Jeremy Harmer, Mar. 30 (SL)
* Avatars, Identity, and the Expression of Disability, Mar. 30 (SL & Online)

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