[SLED] Whatever happened to Black Wednesdays???

Nanci Burk nanci.burk at gcmail.maricopa.edu
Tue Mar 25 14:34:37 PDT 2008


You can find the scheduled rolling restarts at http://secondlifegrid.net/resources/service_metrics
I have it marked on a google calendar so I can check it any time (webcal://www.google.com/calendar/ical/grid-downtime@lindenlab.com/public/basic.ics)

Good luck!

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>Tonight I am teaching an orientation class for a bunch of women's 
>studies students who are already intimidated by the technology, and 
>once again I have to worry about a rolling restart.
>As upsetting as they could be, you at least knew where you stood with 
>Black Wednesdays.  You could plan presentations, tours, classes, 
>without the fear of sending your visitors tumbling into cyberspace. 
>Why has this practice been given up?  Did they tell us?  Did I miss 
>Expletive deleted
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