[SLED] Identity Crisis-Should I retire my avatar Gisk Akina?

Nic Bongers bongers at oakland.edu
Tue Mar 25 13:00:57 PDT 2008

It's really too bad we cannot go the Prince route and have "The avatar  
formerly known as Gisk"...

: )

On Mar 25, 2008, at 3:53 PM, Ann Crewdson wrote:

> To add another dimension to the naming scheme, let's talk about how  
> walking avatars could have the power of websites and more in the  
> future.
> If I were to choose another avatar name, I'd be careful not to use a  
> celebrity's name.  Now that clickable html prims are allowed in the  
> new release candidate for SL, our avatars have the power of  
> websites? Agreed? And we know of lawsuits where celebrities have  
> sued for people who misrepresent them by buying up domains that  
> suggest celebrity identities.  Was it Madonna who sued someone for  
> that? I can't remember...
> Anyhow, I think one day avatars will be bigger than we can ever  
> imagine.
> Oh, and I haven't deleted Gisk Akina yet.  Y'all are so persuasive!  
> You're the best...
> Thanks,
> Ann
> On 3/25/08, Emma Duke-Williams <emma.dukewilliams at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 7:25 PM, Bruce Jones <polygonsforever at yahoo.com 
> > wrote:
> > JP,
> >
> > More than one of the many books written about choosing a name in  
> SL focus
> > your attention on the importance of chosing your name carefully.  
> My primary
> > avatar name I chose for an alter-ego 31 years ago, and am very  
> pleased with
> > it, my alt av. name I chose on alark and wish now I could change  
> it, my
> > carelsee selection has cost me untold grief to the point where I  
> don't use
> > it at all any more.
> >
> This has been a fascinating thread ... My avatar name was chosen for
> work purposes; I'm not quite sure what I'd have chosen had I not been
> doing it for work, but I didn't think about it as much as some others
> seem to have done.
> I wonder if that's just me, or if it's in any way related to the fact
> that I have a unique real life name. (At least, if there are any other
> "Duke-Williams"s that I'm not related to, I've never come across any
> of them). Where we have to have a unique name in SL, it's much less
> common in RL. Would I have put more effort into choosing my SL name
> were I "Emma Williams" - or not. I don't know.
> Emma
> (Emmadw Rickenbacker)
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