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Marlyn - RILug rhodeislandlug at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 22 17:53:55 PDT 2008

Hello everyone again. St. Catherine's Monastery is about to be inaugurated and I am going to have a party for that. I still have sooooo much work on it because I had not done any for a while and then I went and visited it in real life to get some real good pictures and managed to finally solve some problematic architectural issues I was having.

There have been some major changes made to it now and I would love if you take the time and visit it. The slurl is

or search for the London College of Communication. When you land you will land in the main LLC area. You will need to fly [or walk] to where the monastery is located North East and it is huge and looks like a fortress. You can't miss it. 

If you visit, please let me know your opinion. 

I should mention that you need to walk through all walkable routes within the monastery, and especially finding the entry door to the main chapel itself  which is to the right when you enter the monastery through its main gate. 

Have fun.

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