[SLED] Artificial Intelligence and scripted agents

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In RL, we use paramedics as "patients" who have looked over the mock
scenario and have the knowledge to guide their answers in response to
the assessment and treatments they receive.  This enables the "patient"
to be autonomous and exist within the realm of the scenario.
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No reason this couldn't be done with use of voice.  In lieu of that, I
participated in an ER patient simulation at AMMC and had a  doctor
looking over my shoulder in my RL office prompting me with symptoms
while the SL doc (RL doctor in SL) tried to diagnose and treat. We did
it in text chat.
PS patient lived (peanut anaphylaxis)

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	It's "doable" in the absolute sense.  I can't imagine it's
practical with just LSL.  Do you already have a system that can field
natural language questions with reasonable replies?  If you do, the
easiest thing might be to have you script bridge SL to that existing
	Hanover Dench


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	> Hello,
	> I would like some advice on the feasibility of creating an 
	> "intelligent" scripted agent in SL. I would like to create a
	> patient that could be interviewed by my medical students. This

	> patient would be (virtually) pregnant, and the students would
have to 
	> ask appropriate questions about the patient's past medical
	> and physical condition. The patient would need to be able to
	> (to reasonable questions) with appropriate answers and thus
carry on 
	> a limited conversation with the interviewing students.
	> I am imagining a scenario where there would be for example,
	> with a normal and a high risk pregnancy. The students need to
	> interviewing skills to differentiate those diagnoses, and also
	> types of medical tests to request in order to reach the
	> diagnosis. If they request the correct information, it would
	> provided to them in the form of simple answers or medical
charts or 
	> ultrasounds, etc. If they ask for something inappropriate,
they would 
	> be told so.
	> Is this doable and worth pursuing? What kind of funding would
	> required to accomplish this, assuming I already own the land
	> could do all the building and a little scripting?
	> Anyone interested in collaborating on something like this?
	> Thanks,
	> Doug Danforth
	> SL:DrDoug Pennell
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