[SLED] Artificial Intelligence and scripted agents

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Hmm.  Not knowing how to script, I can't be of any help as far as the AI
aspect goes.  But, an easy and "realistic" way to be have the patient av
actually be an "actor" responding with voice to assessment questions.
No doubt you have already thought of this.

We (this list) and the SLHealth listserv could get a list together of
SL-savvy medical professionals together and create a "patient" bank of
avs willing to stand in as patients.

I'm willing to help.

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I would like some advice on the feasibility of creating an "intelligent"
scripted agent in SL. I would like to create a virtual patient that
could be interviewed by my medical students. This patient would be
(virtually) pregnant, and the students would have to ask appropriate
questions about the patient's past medical history and physical
condition. The patient would need to be able to respond (to reasonable
questions) with appropriate answers and thus carry on a limited
conversation with the interviewing students.

I am imagining a scenario where there would be for example, patients
with a normal and a high risk pregnancy. The students need to learn
interviewing skills to differentiate those diagnoses, and also what
types of medical tests to request in order to reach the correct
diagnosis. If they request the correct information, it would be provided
to them in the form of simple answers or medical charts or ultrasounds,
etc. If they ask for something inappropriate, they would be told so.

Is this doable and worth pursuing? What kind of funding would be
required to accomplish this, assuming I already own the land and could
do all the building and a little scripting?

Anyone interested in collaborating on something like this?


Doug Danforth
SL:DrDoug Pennell

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