[SLED] Artificial Intelligence and scripted agents

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It's "doable" in the absolute sense.  I can't imagine it's practical with just LSL.  Do you already have a system that can field natural language questions with reasonable replies?  If you do, the easiest thing might be to have you script bridge SL to that existing system.

Hanover Dench

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> Subject: [SLED] Artificial Intelligence and scripted agents
> Hello,
> I would like some advice on the feasibility of creating an 
> "intelligent" scripted agent in SL. I would like to create a virtual 
> patient that could be interviewed by my medical students. This 
> patient would be (virtually) pregnant, and the students would have to 
> ask appropriate questions about the patient's past medical history 
> and physical condition. The patient would need to be able to respond 
> (to reasonable questions) with appropriate answers and thus carry on 
> a limited conversation with the interviewing students.
> I am imagining a scenario where there would be for example, patients 
> with a normal and a high risk pregnancy. The students need to learn 
> interviewing skills to differentiate those diagnoses, and also what 
> types of medical tests to request in order to reach the correct 
> diagnosis. If they request the correct information, it would be 
> provided to them in the form of simple answers or medical charts or 
> ultrasounds, etc. If they ask for something inappropriate, they would 
> be told so.
> Is this doable and worth pursuing? What kind of funding would be 
> required to accomplish this, assuming I already own the land and 
> could do all the building and a little scripting?
> Anyone interested in collaborating on something like this?
> Thanks,
> Doug Danforth
> SL:DrDoug Pennell
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