[SLED] The Google Challenge

Lindy McKeown lindy at gil.com.au
Sun Mar 16 16:07:47 PDT 2008

Hi Challengers
The librarian in me rose her crusty bun-adorned head when I read this
This needs prudent use of the inverted commas around the two words of your
name to keep them as a phrase or else you can end up with a lot of hits
which might be great for the ego when "Vanity Surfing" but is not accurate. 
For example...hope this is OK Dick as you did leap in first...I did this
with our self identified challenger Dick Seabrook who gets 375 000 as two
words and 1370 for "Dick Seabrook". And the avatar Seabrook Oceanlane got
375 but "Seabrook Oceanlane" got 315., 
the differences being the words appearing separately for example 

".. gated security entrances on Highway 278 and on Ocean Lane in Palmetto
Dunes. .... The Seabrook is a non-profit, continuing-care retirement
community "
So give your names another try. :)  And maybe compare some search engines.
*Shoves that librarian back in her box.*
Oh and btw for my two identities it was 1,850 for "Lindy McKeown" and 22,100
for Lindy McKeown
and 1410 for "decka mah" compared to 17,200 for Decka Mah 
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