[SLED] Second Life CEO Philip Rosedale Stepping Down

Trevena, Stan Trevena.S at monet.k12.ca.us
Fri Mar 14 22:38:05 PDT 2008

I just posted some comments and speculation on our blog:  http://pacificrimx.wordpress.com/
Stan Trevena
Director, Information and Technology Services
Modesto City Schools


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I am not sure that our metaverse will be plastered with ads.  I think Phillip really does recognize how big SL has become, and is doing what he thinks is best for the company.  

We may be surprised by the outcome of this whole transaction; Philip has been a long time supporter of educational uses of SL.  In his new role as COB, he will be in BETTER position to help us than as CEO.  While I don't know that we will ever get free islands, I do think he will continue to encourage the uses of SL for education.

just my two cents,

Beth R-G/Desideria Stockton

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