[SLED] Request: Good Touring Tools?

Xann Kanto xannkanto at mac.com
Fri Mar 14 08:37:16 PDT 2008

I am also interested in this for a project I am working on with an artist that would involve tours.
Ann Randall
(Xann Kanto)

On Friday, March 14, 2008, at 08:22AM, "Chris Collins" <chris.collins at uc.edu> wrote:
>Hi all,
>I've given zillions of tours in Second Life and use an open source 
>Tour HUD to help folks teleport from place to place, but I'm 
>wondering if there are better tools or touring techniques out there?
><<snip>> .... I mostly want it 
>to be quick, easy, and smooth for the completely uninitiated.
>I'm interested in finding (if such things exist):
>- Easily configurable, hopefully free and transferrable landmark HUD
>- A transport device that can seat up to 20 avatars to "auto follow" 
>  the tour leader (my current floating chair system only works up to 5 avs)
>- Any other tips, advice, or techniques others are using?
>Thanks in advance!
>- Chris/Fleep
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