[SLED] NMC Teachers Buzz Mon 17 Mar 9am PST/SLT Teaching/Learning Tools with Bucky Barkley (please note the venue change)

Nick Noakes nick.noakes at ust.hk
Thu Mar 13 08:40:50 PDT 2008

Mon 17 Mar 9am PST/SLT: WebMon, Slider, and VidMon: Access to web sites, 
textures and video for libraries, museums, and elsewhere

Join Bucky Barkley for a talk about 3 specific tools which are 
applicable in a wide variety of projects. They are WebMon, 
SimpleSlider/Slider, and VideoPoster/VidMon.

Time in your time zone: http://timeanddate.com/s/qz3
Location: Museum of Music, Infotainment Island, Second Life 

A brief idea of what to expect:
* WebMon - launches web addresses in an external browser, customize the 
menu for different languages, give supplemental notecards, and much more
* SimpleSlider/Slider - rotate textures, give out items on a per texture 
basis (notecard, lm, object, texture), and visit web sites per texture.
* VideoPoster/VidMon - per person video, either one (poster), or from a 
menu (VidMon). What is per-person? Multiple screens per parcel - each 
person watching 1 at a time independent of everyone else


Nick Noakes
Director, Center for Enhanced Learning and Teaching
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

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