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  I don't know about the job description but I want "pedagogical technovangelist" on a bumper sticker, or possibly my busines card :-)

Paula Christopher <etspec at langate.gsu.edu> wrote:
  Well, although our job title is Instructional Technologist, we do instructional design and development for online classes. We also do consultations as to which technology best fits the situation, whether online or in the classroom. A lot of this involves researching new technologies and how they may be exploited for teaching and learning. These findings are, in turn, passed on to the faculty members.

Is this what you are looking for?
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Paula Christopher
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>>> AJ 3/11/2008 3:55 PM >>>
Although not specifically SL related, it is somewhat tangentially.

Do any of you out there have someone at your institution whose job it is to
solely work with the faculty on implementing technology into their teaching
(and subsequently the learning process). I am not talking about an
instructional designer, per se...this would be a more "mangement"-ish

Someone who is a pedagogical technovangelist. A person who works with
faculty not on what content to put in/on their [insert medium here] but what
tool to use to accomplish what it is they really want (as opposed to what
they say they want sometimes).

If you have someone like that, what is his/her job description? job title?
What do they "do"? Are they any good at it? How would you change what they
do if you could?

If you don't have someone like that, would you like someone? What would you
expect his/her job description would be? What job title do you think would
make sense so that others would know clearly what this person does? What
would be your expectations - both realistically or idealistically?


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