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Carmel L Crane clc6 at stmarys-ca.edu
Tue Mar 11 13:47:52 PDT 2008

Hey there,

Saw your post. YOur descriptions sound like my position at 
Saint Mary's College in Moraga. I think I am going to 
change my title to technovangelist!

Instructional Technology Team
Instructional Technology and Web Services
Computer and Technology Services
Job Summary:
The position is responsible for supporting, installing, 
configuring, and training various instructional technology 
systems, including web-based software applications, 
desktop applications, and hardware solutions in support of 
instructional processes. The position is a member of the 
Instructional Technology team of Instructional Technology 
and Web Services which oversees the support of most 
teaching and learning applications.  The Instructional 
Technologist reports to the Instructional Technology 
Essential Functions:
1.	Perform Application Administration for the campus 
Learning Management System (currently Blackboard), 
including some database administration, system 
administration, and reporting functions.
2.	Serve as pilot project manager for the campus 
electronic portfolio system (currently TaskStream). Become 
familiar with California PACT.
3.	Support instructional technology training efforts 
including but not limited to group and one-on-one 
instruction as well as developing multimedia and other 
training materials including video.
4.	Help faculty with all aspects of technology, 
occasionally including computer consultation and support.
5.	Project management various educational technology and 
web development projects, as assigned.
6.	Research and development with instructional technology 
hardware such as clickers, smartboards, and other new 
doohickeys.  This may involve managing a pilot project.
7.	Assess, recommend, administer, and support digital 
media applications.
8.	Assist Library with instruction-related and digital 
library technologies.
9.	Deploy applications into multiple environments 
(development, testing, and production).
10.	Do workflow and information analysis to convert 
existing processes into instructional applications.
11.	Help to evaluate possible software solutions for 
functional needs for instructional technology.
12.	Assist Web Services as necessary.
13.	Administers other instructional applications as 
14.	Stay current with instructional technology, and 
research various instructional technology tools.

Other Functions:

1.	Consult with and assist staff, faculty and student 
clients in their use of supported applications.
2.	Develop and maintain documentation of systems.
3.	Maintain awareness of new instructional technology 
trends and suggest improvements to team leadership.
4.	Participate in team planning.
5.	Aid in the on-going development of College's vision for 
teaching and learning technologies.
6.	Promote collaboration between other units within 
Computer and Technology Services.
7.	Other duties as assigned.

1.	Bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience and a 
minimum two (2) years experience with instructional 
2.	Working knowledge of Learning Management systems 
(BlackBoard, WebCT, Sakai, Angel, Moodle, etc.) strongly 
3.	Understanding of current web development issues, 
including accessibility for people with disabilities.
4.	Proven strong project management background.
5.	In-depth technical ability with at least one of the 
following: desktop system support, server system 
administration, database administration, digital media, or 
web programming.  You don’t have to know all of these, but 
we need someone who’s not afraid to be elbow-deep in a 
computer’s brain.
6.	Highly Desirable: Server system administration 
experience with either Windows or Linux.
7.	Experience rolling out new systems into production as 
well as upgrading production systems while maintaining 
availability in an enterprise environment.
8.	Able to work effectively with a variety of end users.
9.	Persistence and patience.
10.	Strong interpersonal skills, including effective oral 
and written communication, and ability to communicate and 
collaborate with staff and faculty at all levels of an 
11.	Able to provide analysis of processes, as they relate 
to the use of software.
12.	Able to function and promote a team environment with a 
strong customer service ethic.
13.	Ability to handle multiple task simultaneously, 
establish priorities, and work in an organized manner.
14.	Ability to work cooperatively and effectively with all 
members of a culturally diverse campus community.
15.	Ability to work independently and as a team.
16.	Interest and skill at learning new programs.
17.	Passion for instructional technology.
18.	Generate reports using SQL from existing databases.
19.	Some knowledge of HTML.
20.	Get called “geek” occasionally.  All your friends ask 
you for computer help.
21.	Understanding of and commitment to further the mission 
of the College.
Working Conditions:
Works in an office and classroom environment using a 
computer, Internet, and other office machines.  Meets with 
others in offices across campus.  Travel to off-campus 
meetings and attendance at professional association 
meetings and conferences. Job intermittently involves some 
lifting and moving of computer equipment up to 30 lbs.

On Tue, 11 Mar 2008 15:55:41 -0400
  AJ <keltona at mail.montclair.edu> wrote:
> Although not specifically SL related, it is somewhat 
> Do any of you out there have someone at your institution 
>whose job it is to
> solely work with the faculty on implementing technology 
>into their teaching
> (and subsequently the learning process).  I am not 
>talking about an
> instructional designer, per se...this would be a more 
> position.
> Someone who is a pedagogical technovangelist.  A person 
>who works with
> faculty not on what content to put in/on their [insert 
>medium here] but what
> tool to use to accomplish what it is they really want 
>(as opposed to what
> they say they want sometimes).
> If you have someone like that, what is his/her job 
>description? job title?
> What do they "do"?  Are they any good at it?  How would 
>you change what they
> do if you could?
> If you don't have someone like that, would you like 
>someone?  What would you
> expect his/her job description would be?  What job title 
>do you think would
> make sense so that others would know clearly what this 
>person does?  What
> would be your expectations - both realistically or 
> thanx,
> aj
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Carmel Crane
Instructional Technology Manager
Computer and Technology Services
Saint Mary's College of California

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