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Engage the Senses through 3-D Virtual Worlds
April 5 - May 3, 2008

You probably have heard the term, 'virtual world', but you might be a
little afraid to try one out. Fear no more as this workshop series is
geared to help you get started and allay some of your fears (and maybe
some misconceptions too.)

There are over 100 virtual worlds and some have been around for many
years. (You can find a list of virtual worlds by going to
http://www.virtualworldsreview.com/info/categories.shtml.) Schools and
libraries are entering these worlds for professional development and
student education.

Not all virtual worlds are alike and chances are, not all will be right
for you or your library customers. Web 2.0 technologies are a big part
of these worlds and some features are the same from world to world.
These similarities include setting up and using an avatar to communicate
with others, the ability to network with others, and opportunities to
exchange information with others while "in world."

Don't be afraid to jump in and find which world and communication format
suits you best. Once you become familiar with just a few you will be
able to figure out which is right for you and your library's customers.

In this workshop we will explore a variety of 3D worlds including Second
Life, Gaia, There, Whyville, and World of Warcraft. You will discover
how and why teens are using these communities for learning and
entertainment. And, you will find out how libraries can integrate
virtual spaces into their programs and services for teens.

Faculty: Linda Braun, GSLIS Alum, Adjunct Instructor, GSLIS, Simmons
College, Educational Technology Consultant with LEO:Librarians &
Educators Online, author of six books including "Teens, Technology and
Literacy: Or Why Bad Grammar Isn't Always Bad" (2006), "Technically
Involved: Developing Web Based Youth Participation for your Library"
(2003); lbraun at leonline.com; Kelly Czarnecki, Technology Education
Librarian, ImaginOn, Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County,
Library Journal Mover and Shaker (2007), owner of Eye4You Alliance
Island in Teen Second Life, co-chair of YALSA Gaming Discussion group,
writer for SLJ column, The Gaming Life, kczarnecki at plcmc.org; and Beth
Gallaway, GSLIS Alum, library trainer/consultant, co-convener of the
YALSA Teen Gaming Interest Group, Library Journal Mover and Shaker
(2006), and author of "Get Your Game On: Video Games and Libraries";
informationgoddess29 at gmail.com

For more information on systems requirements and workshop registration:

Kris Liberman
Program Manager
Simmons GSLIS CE
T - 617-521-2803
F - 617-521-3192
gslisce at simmons.edu


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