[SLED] In defense of web on a prim: was OMG! It's here!!!! --- sorry

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Sun Mar 9 11:12:40 PDT 2008

I don't think the current incarnation of web on a prim, nor the media browser are perfect. But if the name of the game in SL is some sort of virtual world then it makes more sense to me that our experiences in that environment have the look and feel of that world. Before the current version of SL, if you wanted to load a web page say for instance the help pages linked from the SL client you had to launch your external browser and handle that window outside of SL. That is a distraction. 

The new media viewer at least gives the appearance of integration in SL. Also on my land I can now, not just advertise my blog but also people coming to my home can, if they are so inclined, see a prim with the latest view of my blog-no need to open a browser window.

Hopefully later versions of the media window will have more complete functionality. For instance I cannot use the media browser to upload images to my blog-except for embedded flicker images. Nor can I make links using blogger from with in the browser. But hey, its a start.

All the kludgy work arounds to get media on a prim-or even text on a prim, speak I think to the desire of SL users for an integrated experience within the 3D environment.

Simone/Simeon Gateaux in SL

> SL Educators <educators at lists.secondlife.com> wrote: 
> I do think that Mitch has a point here.  Is there any real reason to  
> be happy with web-on-a-prim? Any reason that couldn't be manifestly  
> done better by managing each technology in its original  
> manifestation?   

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