[SLED] U.S. Says SL Breeding Ground For Terrorists, Dutch Press Report

Oscar DeLong odelong at pulaskitech.edu
Tue Mar 4 07:10:40 PST 2008

This whole discussion is amusing to me.  I am imagining the government
creating SL avatars who look like secret service agents running around
SL trying to get "baseline normative behaviors."  There is no real
baseline in SL.  Some people run around blowing things up, some use guns
or swords or lasers; some scour the world for new gadgets and realistic
places; and still some people do a little of everything from hang out in
clubs drinking fake coffee to stripping and dancing for lindens.  Where
is the baseline.  To be honest I do not think there is one.  And who's
to say the "terrorists" are not running around with dragon avatars to be
less obvious, shooting lasers and breathing fire.  If that's the case
people are going to think someone recreated Godzilla in SL only to find
out the terrorists were in disguise and preparing for their next attack.
The whole idea is off the deep end.  Should we monitor virtual worlds,
sure but are terrorists going to use it in plain sight to prepare for
major attacks, probably not.  I say forget the conspiracy theories.
They seem to get more outlandish as the technologies improve.  What's




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The BBC  have picked up the story as well and I heard a report on radio
4 yesterday




Adam Clarke




On 3 Mar 2008, at 15:45, Rik Panganiban wrote:

Here's the link to the original Dutch article:




And the automatic Google translation here
nl%257Cen&hl=en&ie=UTF8> .




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