[SLED] Getting Your Admin's Attention

NJLiz1210 at aol.com NJLiz1210 at aol.com
Sun Mar 2 05:48:10 PST 2008

One sure way to get your admins attention is to publish, publish, publish  
and be invited to present on SL! Thats how I got my admin's attention and  
support. I went along on my own time, doing SL business after hours and it took  
about 8 mos but finally after a few published articles and being invited to  
speak at a few venues, my boss realized hey she's representing our institution  
out there! So she got me an upgraded computer, a beautiful 21" monitor and I am 
 allowed (with her blessings) to conduct SL business on work time now! 
go forth and publish! :)

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