[SLED] Koru Features Master's Project in Art and Design

Aaron Griffiths debnaar at clear.net.nz
Thu Jul 31 03:41:40 PDT 2008

The New Zealand based Nelson Marborough Institute of
Technology's sim, Koru, is currently featuring an ongoing
build by NMIT's Mike Baker (SL: Rollo Kohime) as part of his
Masters in Art and Design.  The project, titled In the
Company of Strangers, looks at negotiating the parameters of
meetings, exchanges and conversations in urban spaces.

Mike's abstract reads as follows:
This performance-based project critically explores the
dynamic of the ‘stranger' – that personna which is
always leaving - in meetings between people in designated
urban locations. Interventionist dance strategies will be
used to prompt, negotiate and interrogate the formation,
nature and parameters of these encounters. Experimental
movement frameworks employed will be informed by the
disciplines of Contact Improvisation Dance and Authentic
Movement modes. The working process will be documented using
a range of edited video narrative.

The full discourse from Mike can be read on the blog from my
Eduforge site, NZ Education in a Virtual World
, and includes a screen shot of the build as it currently
stands and a Slurl for the build's location on Koru.

Mike is often on site (NZ hours) and as the build evolves
would welcome discussion and critic on the project during
its creation.

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