[SLED] Marlboro College Grad Center to Sponsor Gaming and Learning Event

Esme Qunhua esmequnhua at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 19:29:25 PDT 2008

Jeremy Koester (Jeremy Braver in SL) will give an interactive presentation
about Gaming and Learning at Marlboro College Graduate Center Island in
Second Life.
Wednesday, July 30
10 - 11 AM 7 AM SLT

Koester will *discuss his work with 'Gaming and Learning in SL' on the main
grid. Simple social gaming can be applied in SL as the platform acts as a
gaming engine. He will share his expertise on gaming applications regarding
volitional motivation and flow in relationship to activities and gaming for
learning. He will share lessons and implications that he has learned using
Second Life that could change the way we meet, live and learn.

Participants* will have a chance to play the game called Windbag that
Koester created for use in Second Life. A question and answer period will

Pre-registration is required for the limited openings.  Please contact Esme
Qunhua off list or in-world to register.

Esme Qunhua, sl
Jane Wilde, rl
Faculty - Masters Arts in Teaching
Marlboro College Graduate Center
Brattleboro, Vermont
esmequnhua at gmail.com
blog: http://esmequnhua.blogspot.com
Current in-world course:
Teaching and Learning in Virtual Worlds
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