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Well i need to join that group!

Thanks Nanci

On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 10:45 AM, Nanci Burk <nanci.burk at gcmail.maricopa.edu>

> I started an SL group, Com Educators in SL some time ago, listed it in this
> forum, but had few takers.  It's open enrollment for anyone interested in
> joining.  I'd like to see the numbers increase and present opportunities
> to meet and discuss how we can utilize SL to teach & learn about
> communication
> in SL.
> Feel free to IM me if you cannot find the group in Search (Maali Beck).
> Nanci
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> >Yolanda et al,
> >
> >In addition to Esme's great suggestions, let me also point out that
> >there is a "Communication Educators" (or similar title) group in SL
> >that may be a good resource, though I haven't seen a lot of activity
> >there recently.  PM me if you have trouble locating it -- should show
> >up in my SL profile (I am JS Saltwater).
> >
> >I also noticed at least one SL-related topic at the Nov 2008 annual
> >conference of the National Communication Association in San Diego.
> >That's in addition to my poster session there on environmental
> >communication in virtual worlds, plug plug.  Am hoping to connect with
> >SL Communication geeks at that conference.
> >
> >FWIW I teach an online course in New Communication Technologies and
> >Society and am working up ideas for my students to use SL as an
> >optional project this fall (3000-level course).  One easy target this
> >year is political communication; construction/performance of gender
> >and identity is another (less applicable to my particular course).
> >
> >I'm also pursuing a PhD in Environmental Communication and am doing
> >quite a bit of research in SL from a cultural-studies/critical-theory
> >perspective, looking at things like environmental education,
> >production of cultural concepts of "nature", as well as
> >gender-studies.  Currently polishing up an autoethnography on gender
> >performance in SL and have two conference papers coming up in the fall
> >on environment/climate/science/nature in SL.
> >
> >Put briefly, I'd love to interact with likeminded nerds.
> >
> >Cheers,
> >Joe Clark / JS Saltwater
> >jsclark.net
> >PhD Student, Communication
> >The Florida State University
> >
> >> From: Yolanda Zimmer <researchonsecondlife at hotmail.com>
> >>
> >> I am an assistant professor teaching communication. I saw there are
> >> quite a few communication educators on this list but couldn't find
> >> messages discussing about using Second Life for communication courses
> >> in the archives. I will adopt SL in my Intro to Communication Studies
> >> course in the fall and would like to know if anyone has ever applied SL
> >> in similar areas or knows relevant resources. My course covers a wide
> >> range of communication theories, from intrapersonal, interpersona,
> >> group, to mass, and cultural. I am open to any application ideas for
> >> any of the subcontexts.
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