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Nanci Burk nanci.burk at gcmail.maricopa.edu
Tue Jul 22 07:45:17 PDT 2008

I started an SL group, Com Educators in SL some time ago, listed it in this
forum, but had few takers.  It's open enrollment for anyone interested in
joining.  I'd like to see the numbers increase and present opportunities
to meet and discuss how we can utilize SL to teach & learn about communication
in SL.  

Feel free to IM me if you cannot find the group in Search (Maali Beck).


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>Yolanda et al,
>In addition to Esme's great suggestions, let me also point out that
>there is a "Communication Educators" (or similar title) group in SL
>that may be a good resource, though I haven't seen a lot of activity
>there recently.  PM me if you have trouble locating it -- should show
>up in my SL profile (I am JS Saltwater).
>I also noticed at least one SL-related topic at the Nov 2008 annual
>conference of the National Communication Association in San Diego.
>That's in addition to my poster session there on environmental
>communication in virtual worlds, plug plug.  Am hoping to connect with
>SL Communication geeks at that conference.
>FWIW I teach an online course in New Communication Technologies and
>Society and am working up ideas for my students to use SL as an
>optional project this fall (3000-level course).  One easy target this
>year is political communication; construction/performance of gender
>and identity is another (less applicable to my particular course).
>I'm also pursuing a PhD in Environmental Communication and am doing
>quite a bit of research in SL from a cultural-studies/critical-theory
>perspective, looking at things like environmental education,
>production of cultural concepts of "nature", as well as
>gender-studies.  Currently polishing up an autoethnography on gender
>performance in SL and have two conference papers coming up in the fall
>on environment/climate/science/nature in SL.
>Put briefly, I'd love to interact with likeminded nerds.
>Joe Clark / JS Saltwater
>PhD Student, Communication
>The Florida State University
>> From: Yolanda Zimmer <researchonsecondlife at hotmail.com>
>> I am an assistant professor teaching communication. I saw there are
>> quite a few communication educators on this list but couldn't find
>> messages discussing about using Second Life for communication courses
>> in the archives. I will adopt SL in my Intro to Communication Studies
>> course in the fall and would like to know if anyone has ever applied SL
>> in similar areas or knows relevant resources. My course covers a wide
>> range of communication theories, from intrapersonal, interpersona,
>> group, to mass, and cultural. I am open to any application ideas for
>> any of the subcontexts.
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