[SLED] Anyone knows how can we reference a note card from SL?

Julie Johnson Julie.Johnson at normandale.edu
Mon Jul 21 13:19:40 PDT 2008

I think Gavin is asking how to include a notecard in a list of references in a paper.  I doubt if there is a convention for SL notecards, though I really have no idea.  This reminds me of the early days of the web, when there wasn't really an accepted format for referencing web pages, and everybody just did their best for awhile.

One suggestion is to extend the web convention.  Instead of a web address, use the SLURL, and be sure to include a date, followed by something that is more article or book-like: Notecard owned (or given) by .....

My guess is that  you'll have to make something up, but I am curious to hear if anyone knows of any convention for notecards.

Jayzz Joubert
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Given the (ahem) somewhat delicate nature of the asset server, I would tend to keep anything *really* important outside SL.


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Subject: Re: [SLED] Anyone knows how can we reference a note card from SL?

Actually the note cards I may use are sometimes available in SL only. Since I am working on an exploratory study on the virtual campuses, so these note cards give some information about some SL islands, spaces and projects in the campus. So, in case I gain

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