[SLED] Change this LIST?

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Mon Jul 21 11:32:46 PDT 2008

An alternative is to actively subscribe a thread (a 1 sec process) by
clicking on a link listed at the bottom of that email. It is more selective
of course... You need to actively select wat you want to receive and I'm not
sure this community wants that. I am in several lists that work like that
and really like it.
Just a thought.
Ana Boa-Ventura


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I find forums actually waste more time for me since I can't "preview" what
is said in the thread. I can preview in this setup and merrily delete as
needed. So my vote is to stay as is.

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Hello there,
I'm happy to receive all messages as usual and browse eclectically -
Epernay Freschi

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After over a year of reading the daily messages from this list, I believe
that it we should start to consider other alternatives. Like many others
have commented over the past year, the content has certainly changed. I am
starting to think that a forum style would be better. We could then group
our comments by topic and only read and respond to our areas of interest. 


I know this topic has come up a few times, but I don't what ever became of
those ideas? I would think that would be a much easier way to administrate
it as well. 


What are your thoughts on converting this list to a forum or perhaps you
have other ideas.


-Michele Ryan (RL)

Shelly Waco (SL)

Merlin Sparker (TSL)

Lancaster Univ. 


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