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I think this document is excellent - the only thing I would want included in the document or brought up in an interview - is the person not only understood what griefing is but also your school's Student Code of Conduct and how to be the person who will be screening activity on the Island to make sure behavior there is in compliance. If a student is banned and participating in SL is class requirement - what then. I would either this person to know how to take this thru your college's judicial procedures or thru Student Services. It may not be in place yet, but would I want knowing that to be a priority. 
  Kae Novak/Kavon Zenovka
  Front Range Community College

padlurowncanoe Dibou <padln at hotmail.com> wrote: 
      .hmmessage P  {  margin:0px;  padding:0px  }  body.hmmessage  {  FONT-SIZE: 10pt;  FONT-FAMILY:Tahoma  }    This is a collection of responses submitted to this prompt -- list skills/duties/expectations that a college or educational organization may require if it were to hire a full-time individual to develop and manage their SL presence.
The basic framework is a document provided by Dr. Robert Brodnick of Pacific.  Other submitted documents and suggestions were cut, pasted, and bulleted in the area it most closely resemebled and there is duplication but I wanted to add the various individual verbage that was submitted.  It is still in very rough form but wanted to give everyone a chance to tweak, add, or make specific clarification statements where needed.

  Innovate applications for faculty, students, partners, and the Pacific community, especially collaborative learning environments, marketing, and service delivery. 
     Investigate scripted solutions to invite members to group, greet visitors, etc.


  Contribute to the design of instructional models for collaborative learning environments and conduct research into effective methods of design in the collaborative space. 
     Investigate new tools and gadgets to be implemented on the island such as tour systems, discussion pods, and toys for socials; research best prices for tools, work with staff on making purchases, set up tools and maintain tool sets.
     Assist faculty, staff and strategic partners in developing SL community and learning materials.
     Assist faculty in defining content and course development for ongoing educational programs.
     Collaborate with faculty and SL experts to enhance learning environments in SL.


  Include social activities in learning design and support the integration of academic and student life activities. 

  Identify emerging trends in virtual worlds as they apply to learning (conferences, etc.). 
     Attend and present at professional conferences and workshops.
     Monitor, archive, and share SLED posts that are applicable to your responsibilities, teaching faculty, and students


  Oversee presence in virtual worlds (specifically the SIM in Second Life). 
  Set and change the estate and land settings to facilitate specific activities of school's organizations and activities they sponsor in the virtual world. 
     Maintain Calendar of Events Board and Bulletin Board. 
     The admin should also understand land management, how to sub-divide and grant privileges if necessary, how to set permissions (like auto clean-up prims), streaming media, 

  Oversee the security of the virtual world by monitoring the coming and going of avatars, banning and ejecting offending avatars, removing objects placed in the virtual world for mischief, and maintaining related groups. 
     Collect and report visitor statistics and sim usage This helps you to keep the funding coming if you show high usage. RabbitStats is good and free to educators.
     Recruit and oversee volunteers who will invite members to the group based on visitor logs
     Maintain traffic trackers and publish weekly counts
     Deal with griefers.
     Maintain order (return objects after events, reset slide decks after presentations within 24 hours, etc.)

  Convene meetings for faculty interested in using the virtual world for Instruction and assist faculty and staff in the creation of avatars and instruction in how to use the interface. 
     Meet with staff at least (frequency) per month to discuss ongoing issues and plans for improvements to the island.
     Recommend new offerings for orienting visitors to the island and/or SL.
     Keep faculty and staff abreast of the latest changes in SL technology for use in online courses, and coordinate development and post-development activities
     Develop and deliver ongoing professional development to promote the use of Second Life as part of the faculty’s continued growth in preparing and teaching online courses
     Provide professional development training to faculty and staff on teaching and managing SL presence.
     Provide initial SL training and set up for students

  Interact with strategic partners for needed modifications and changes in the virtual world as they arise and interact with service providers to request rollbacks or correct problems. 
     Ensure quality design and delivery in the implementation of educational SL islands: contract with scripters, terraformers and builders to develop learning environment

  Oversee, purchase, build and script objects for use in the virtual world and assist faculty and staff in the placement of objects in the virtual world. 
     Download the admin avie transaction report each month. Keep a record of what was spent for what items or, if given to an instructor, their name and purpose. Auditors will love it.
     Serve as a resource for volunteers and staff involved in managing the individual areas. (Set permissions, change parcel settings, invite additional members to management group as needed, provide orientation to island rules and abilities, etc.)
     Provide technical support to faculty, staff and students in the utilization of SL and other immersive learning environments.

  Assist in the promotion of the virtual world and its associated events both in the virtual world and on the web and convene meetings of representatives from University offices interested in using the virtual world for marketing. 
     Get the word out that you have a SL presence. This may also include some coordination with your university relations department. Mine has put me in contact with several news reporters and resulted in great coverage for the university.
     Establish an event policy and process in collaboration with school staff.

  Draft policy statements for behavior and uses of the virtual world. 
  Provide informative presentations to faculty students and staff concerning the virtual world and the potential for uses to generate greater interest. 
     General Tour Guide - Show off the sim to visitors and classes. Know the history of why the sim was developed and the process. I get this question a lot.
     Be first point of contact for educators with questions about the island or visitors interested in renting space or hosting an event. Respond to inquiries promptly.

  Submit grant proposals for funding to develop the virtual world and to explore best practices in marketing, instruction, and related applications.
     Recommend and assist with grant writing related to immersive environments

  Additional Suggestions
     Maintain an inventory back up method
     Provide SL avi password in the event of your unexpected absence
     Document processes, procedures, strategic partners, etc
     Specilfy hours and/or work locations -- % on campus, % off-campus, %in-world
     Other duties as assigned


  Experience delivering instruction in higher education classrooms. 
  Ability to perform advanced design and scripting operations in virtual worlds. 
  Understanding general client, server, and spatial computing security models. 
  Experience with project and budget management. 


  Interview/Hiring Suggestions

                1. Have the person give you a tour of what they have done before.
2. Have them give you references.
3. Once you decide on a person to hire, have a contract that they physically sign that clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of all parties. 



  Dr. Robert Brodnick
  University of the Pacific
  Paula Christopher
  Georgia State University

  Stephanie Stewart
  University of Wisconsin-OshKosh

  Andrew Lang
  Oral Roberts University

  Jennifer Ragan-Fore

  Sabine Reljic

  Cathy Walker
  St. Vincent

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