[SLED] Dell studio 17 laptop review

Marrapodi, Elisabeth EMarrapodi at Trinitas.org
Fri Jul 18 06:35:38 PDT 2008

Hey Folks
Got the laptop yesterday. Here's the review:
17" monitor: fabulous
keyboard: huge and I have to constantly shift fingers to the left because of the added numbers keys on the right sid. I'm a touch typer so this will take some getting used to.
graphics: I've gone from flat, opaque seas in SL to amazing waves and depth. Only 1 crash all night while teleporting.

Now bad news:
* can't find the webcam nor dvd player it was supposed to come loaded with. Unless there is a magic slot somewhere it ain't there
* it got so **hot** that I could hardly rest my hands on the keyboard platform!
* had to use the cooling pad continuously
* it would not go into rest mode with the lid down
* fan is noisy
* my usb headset was useless and would not be recognized. This model forces you to use plug in headset/mic setup. 
* oh and the pink isn't really pink, it's more salmon

So, not too happy right now. 

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